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You vs. You

This time last week, I was just wrapping up and event for a friend. I was responsible for providing "craft" services for a soft launch and news broadcast. Initially I didn't think much about it. I knew I had a certain responsibility to get things organized, provide visual food engagement, and bring the theme of her brand out on her table displays. All things that are really standard. However, there was something more that I didn't expect to get while there, understanding that to become your best self the old you is in a constant war against the you that you want to become.

I often hear people say that they're waiting on "this or that" in order to achieve their next big goal. The classic on is 'praying and waiting'...some may disagree with this statement but I believe in praying, walking by faith toward what you're believing for, listen for God's direction along the way, and respond to the spirit of discernment he has given you. For months now I've used this excuse myself--- so angry now because I can now see, that HE (God) was waiting for me. Question is, am I ready to receive what he has planned for me?

The truth is, I don't really know. But for now I'm going to stand in position, ready to catch.

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