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It's Always Dark before Light

So this week I had to apply a dose of my own medicine to my life and relationships. I had been experiencing a bit of darkness hovering over someone I care about. In true Alexis fashion, I attempted to fix it, in my own human power, my natural mind. Needless to say, that didn't work. This problem was far beyond what I could do our think to fix it. So I quickly surrendered to the thought that God is their father too and landed on another option.

Instead of operating from a broken space in the flesh, a place that feels dark and hopeless, I considered "what is better than giving up or quitting?" A new chance to operate in the newness of everyday, forgiveness allows us the grace to do just that. It gives us a fresh start and new season if we are willing to allow our heart to be open and take the instruction of God's will over our own. There is hope that it can improve and get better because you have access to an insight that is beyond your scope of sight.

The truth is God knows the heart while Holy Spirit does the work. If we give him the space to speak and lead us, he will provide real-time direction for us to follow. You are planted there, not buried in that relationship. You are positioned and assigned to them. Despite your shortcomings and mishaps you are equipped with and to learn all the things you will need to meet their needs within your relationship.

Think about the last time you felt confident about something. Can you describe the feeling? What is it, that made you feel that you would do it well? Now take that feeling and apply it to the directions that were given to you by God, regarding this darkness that you felt. Why does this work in our head but not in our lives? Because we know our truth. What if you go in God's truth about you, rather than your own? Would you believe him over you? He can not fail. It will work.

Here are 5 Things Holy Spirit Instructed me to Apply Immediately:

  1. Pray for them. Place your hand on them (if possible) Pray that God gives them whatever they need today.

  2. Forgive them now; don't wait until they behave appropriately to treat them appropriately.

  3. Serve them from a place of victory, not defeat.

  4. View them as a garden that will reap a harvest, and sow anyway; get ahead of it.

  5. Rewrite their history of Godly love- they are watching you.

Forgiveness Daily is made up of day to day decisions to release resentment, because Jesus did it for us.

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