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Our Founder

Julieian-Alexis is a speaker and writer who is passionate about teaching women how to live life, chosen and set apart. She loves all things modern with user-friendly comforts. You will most likely catch her learning something new on YouTube, cuddled up with her husband, kids, and dog on the couch watching a movie with some popcorn in hand.

My Story


"What I now know, is that GOD himself was trying to get my attention, slow me down, to feel his gentle nudge and whispers within my spirit."


My story is simple. I'm not fancy. I live a simple life with my husband, two kids, and a dog. I was minding my own business, doing what I went to school for; teaching, when my plans for the future were abruptly interrupted. Or so I thought. I would like to compare the experience to the moment of truth in the movie the Matrix. The moment where Neo wakes up and realizes that what he thought was reality, was not his reality at all. That he was created and made to do something much more unique and specific. 


So like Neo I had to make a choice, respond to the loud thoughts in my head- like a crazy person, trusting that this inner voice was correct, or do nothing and possibly risk suffering the slow death of atrophy.  


I knew that playing the game of life from the sidelines, has never been a part of my plans; I was clear about wanting to be an active participant.  So I decided to accept the challenge and follow the inner voice and to abruptly shift gears.  After having taught in a classroom setting for nearly 14 years, in the middle of the school year, I had to say good-bye. See, what you don't know is that I had already received clear signs leading up to this decision. First the pebble, then the rock, then the brick; at which point I had enough.


I have to be honest, I was sort of pressured into my personal renovation.  For  some of us this process is necessary in order to believe that you have been poised and positioned, and adequately prepared to transition into your next chapter. What I now know, is that GOD himself was trying to get my attention, slow me down, to feel his gentle nudge and whispers within my spirit.  Although in tune, the noise of my daily routine; caring for my husband, raising my children, grading papers, planning lessons, maintaining my household, service to my church and community; although well intended, were not my highest service.


In my prayer time I asked for a refreshing of a one on one experience I had with Him exactly 20 years ago. I wanted to hear, see, and be guided by the voice that had lead me this far. As I sought after Him, wanting to know more, and grow in my relationship with Him, he allowed me the opportunity to go on yet another adventure. One commonly refer to it as the “Hero’s Journey”, a pattern of narrative identified by scholar Joseph Campbell. It outlines the step by step occurrences that  a “hero” achieves in an effort to become their best self. 

Julieian-Alexis Roberts
Virtuous Woman. Wife. Mom. Daughter. Sister.
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