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Welcome to our services page.  Here is where you find out about all the ways you can practice communion with God, community with others , and connection one to another.  This really is a cool place to be...CP31 is a whole vibe.  You'll find sisterhood, accountability, support in ways that you didn't even know you needed.  

Strength and honor are her clothing,
and she can laugh at the time to come.
Her mouth speaks wisdom,
and loving instruction[n] is on her tongue.

Provers 31: 25-26 CSB


We often question if classes and courses are worth the cost...

My response to that is we never question if the hair style, nails, or outfit are worth the cost and the complements you receive once the work of art is put together. 

You know why, because it made you better in some way.  

Why invest on the external parts of you without investing

in the parts of you that no one can see, but everyone experiences?

Some things need a little more attention-

consider 1-on-1 coaching; with SET APART coaching

where you get personalized support with forgiveness,

tips and strategies on a variety of topics that we face as women,

from a Biblical prospective but with the customized accountability,

needed to see progress and move forward.

Coaching Sessions begin April 7th


Beauty in Forgiveness

Beauty in Forgiveness is a six week, masterclass that guides students through practical steps on finding freedom in forgiveness. This faith based course is structured to support you in becoming a woman of prayer and fasting, facing the hard parts of your past head-on, and deciding to move forward with the decision to forgive by executing a clear plan of action.


Commit to Clarity 1.0

Commit to Clarity 1.0 is a seven day devotional challenge, to bring your mindset and habits back into focus as you align yourself with Biblical Principles. It is designed for the person who is self motivated and enjoys a quick guide and personal time in Biblical studies.


CHOSEN Community

Is an invitation to do life life together, but just better.  This is a private community of women that encourages you, challenges you, and trains your mind, body, and spirit to live worthy of the call.  GOD has chosen you to do amazing things, it's time that you get around some people who believe the same. 

Strength in Forgiveness (1).png

Strength in Forgiveness

For men looking to experience forgiveness, freedom, and fellowship through a faith-based community and transformative curriculum. We're looking for you.


Commit to Clarity 2.0

If you don't have the time to commit to our six week masterclass, and you've already completed CC1.0 then Commit to Clarity 2.0 could a perfect fit for you. Here you'll go through seven days of video devotionals with the step by step focus guide. Take your time and realign with the heart of God concerning you.

Coming Soon!

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