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The Servant Lifestyle

Doesn't sound like the type of glamorous, rewarding, influential lifestyle. But oh, it is, my friend! This is exactly where you want to be. The intersection of generosity & humility, challenge & resourcefulness. IT is the PLACE that where the God in you desires to feed and grow from. The drive of the spirit to please the Lord. But before we get too HOLY, let us discuss some of the thoughts you may have to overcome before you can fully dive in.

Pride. It's a natural response to hold on to, the feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction from one's own accomplishments, but not at the expense of moving forward. If your accomplishments are the total summation of who you are- you are missing out while you're protecting your past. What about your present and your future? Is looking backwards serving your movement forward? If the answer is no, it's time to let that go and find a new and more beneficial hang up.

Time. How well do you manage it? Does this tool serve you well, or are you a slave to it? Things to consider whenever you must give of yourself; the part of you that equates to time and hours, labor, or thoughts- it's most often and most accurately measured in time. Are you able to accurately approximate how much of it is needed for special projects? Are you able to just give that and no more or do you always over do it? Do you know when your season is up? Ask yourself the hard questions and make the adjustments.

Selflessness. It's cool to be about other people's success, especially if you passionately feel that they deserve the push toward their well earned future. I've often wondered if being "for them" means that you are not "for yourself" and the answer to that is no...being selfless means that you are able to do for others without being concerned with yourself at the the same time. Your priority for that time is the other person. Where we sometime get it wrong is making it about them all the time. In the words of airplane safety, "put your mask on first, then help those around you"- getting air to give some air is often times the best move.

Love. This word is so tricky. People define it so many ways---but it's really not complicated- it's simple---Do the right thing by other people- the thing you would want done to you. Sometimes this may even require the hard things that can at times feel uncomfortable, but are good for you. At other times it is simply an demonstration to others that the spirit of God lives in you. You can move in a way that represents the character and nature of His being.

Authenticity. Being real to who you are and what makes you uniquely you. Holding on to all the good and modifying your rough spots when needed. Understanding that you are a masterpiece, origin in every way, custom made by the creator- you will show up in every room you walk in, with boldness and the best of what God has to offer through you. To do anything less does not glorify God and does a disservice to mankind; you cut them short by being something that you're not.

Serving others from a healthy space, pleases the heart of God. Being aware of thoughts that could hinder or help you maintain healthy balance and boundaries, gives you the longevity and sustainability needed to become a lifestyle. Serve with gladness but above all guard your heart.

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