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The Priority of Obedience

Have you ever stopped doing something you know you should be doing? I have to admit for the last 6 months or so, I've felt that way. I've been desperately trying to rev up my engine to write and create content. It seems that I only have energy and time for everything else except for the thing that brings me the most joy, and the thing I was tasked to do by God himself. As if this shouldn't already be your greatest motivation.

The truth is that life is a constant stream of decisions, time management, and investment problems. After a certain in college, I recall swearing that when I graduated college I'd use math as little as possible. But everyday I am challenged to make 37 hours out of a 24 hour day. It seems as though I must create time to accommodate the tasks that are handed to me by those around me, but somehow can guard that same time to make room for "God things". For this reason I often call in for backup, and ask my friends and accountability partners- to help me get my thoughts out, stay on task, and most importantly, not say yes to anything else before I get the last thing done.

Thank God for His faithfulness to us even when we don't do the things we know we should. He is gracious and a gentlemen in the way He redirects us back to the path of accomplishment, consistency, and intimacy with Him. As a friend of my said this week of Obedience, "He's not looking for perfection, he just wants your obedience." So as I put these words to paper, I feel an immediate calm and can breathe a little deeper because I made spending time with Him and writing these inspired words- the priority of my obedience.

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