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Some processes you can't avoid

Yesterday was the first time I wanted to have a phone conversation with my mom, but realized I couldn't. It was a simple and quiet moment, that we would have shared on the phone over coffee, but instead I sat there alone with my coffee, legs folded up in a comfy position, with the warmth of my cup in my hand. I had sat there so many times before, with a phone pressed to the side of my face listening to my mom's alto voice, laughing, telling some kid to sit down, or asking about her "suga lips" (Rachael). This was our time to work out yesterdays challenges, and our plan "to take over the world" today.

How do you navigate this season? How do I move on; without the hurt of remember those times? How can I push forward and honor the past? These are all thoughts and wonderings I've had... I'm ready and willing but definitely need some guidance. So I lend my ear to a power that is higher than I, resting in his peace knowing that he is aware and sees my need. Not trying to avoid it as I go through it, but wanting to grow through it!

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