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Say what you mean, Mean what you say.

We've all heard this adage, ' a thousand times' but there is a lot of truth and wisdom behind it. The first half of the this statement deals with being clear and honest. Communication is best used and understood, when it is straight forward. If something makes you feel a certain way; state it. People need to understand the results of their actions or deeds. The nature, timing, and style of communication is an entirely different 'conversation' all together.

Recently I did a training on creating a culture of feedback, and the content was strategic, raw, and evoked a candid conversation about how to effectively communicate with people. Initially, I thought it would be a boring conversation, however it turned out to be something that an audience of 250 plus people left feeling better equipped to engage on a higher, more accountable, level. Remember feedback is a gift, so receive and give it as such.

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