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Praying with Expectation, Standing in Faith

Okay--- so to my closest friends, those who "know" how I live and the things that are most important to me- I always say that "I'm no Fuller Seminary" but I do believe that God gets to work when he sees that everything we are doing lines up with the faith we possess.

Julieian-Alexis sitting on a sofa looking to the side
"How does this work...What is the structure?"

Over the last 3 months, I have been busy working getting ready to birth something that has been in the making since Christmas of 2015. For every quiet, unsuspecting, moment of inactivity, for every challenge, and the numerous tears that have soaked into my bed, pillows, and the carpet fibers of my home and the church sanctuary--God promises us that "He would not cause us to be ashamed". So today I got up at 4:30 in excited to spend some time in prayer with a friend. I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't--I could feel God pushing me to get ready, get prepared...and I'm like "for what God? It's just prayer--we both know how to do that". So I made a cup of coffee and set there with notebook and pen in hand, waiting for words to flow onto the paper.

What happens next seemed normal and typical of someone who is a teacher...I started outlining the structure of my prayer. And then the call comes in....and the question is posed..."How does this work? What is the structure? I've never had a prayer partner before" --My response (what an honor to share with someone how to pray)-- "well there is kinda a structure, but its lead by prayer requests". So we spent about 30 mins talking and listing things that were concerning to us--- fed up with our own mediocre attempts at solutions. We decided to lay our challenges at the alter of God- knowing that you start and finish the battle in prayer. We celebrated and started our day with expectation and standing in faith for the things listed. I reminded my friend to stay ready and prepared (whole armor of God) even in places that seem familiar and safe. Praying without ceasing.

By lunchtime--despite the best efforts of people who would try to hinder or impede....God provided the finances necessary for me to take a much needed course. Then revealed a new, essential, piece to the Campaign. P31 puzzle. I already knew HE was amazing, but occasionally he likes to 'pop His collar'...and I'm grateful He's my heavenly father. Stay in tune and connected, He's working it out for your good.

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