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Comparison Kills

This week I had a really good conversation with someone about where they were in their life. Before we could finish talking about all the great things that were happening for them, they switched gears, and began to complain about what they didn't have in comparison to someone else. I immediately thought about a popular song called "Comparison Kills" by Jonathan McReynolds (Make Room is my current life soundtrack), where he talks about how unique we all are. Often times we are so in a rush to keep up with the next person that you don't take the time to realize that God has you on your very own, customized journey. Your life, pace, and destiny are had crafted just for you. If you are a believer, then you can trust that God has great plans for your future.

If we as women (and men) could see that the person who arrives first is, sometimes, at a disadvantage, then maybe we could relax a little. By this I mean, wisdom and innovation, are "2nd place" skillsets. They come as a result of hearing and seeing others do it "their way", make mistakes, waste time, with limited vision and perspective. But if you wait patiently and watch quietly, you might begin to notice that first is not always better.

In short there will ALWAYS be something to compare yourself to. Just realize that your journey is as unique as your finger print. You are already great, because you are fashioned after the God of the universe. You were hand-made in His image and after His likeness. So CHILL OUT!

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