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Beautifully Broken

These past few weeks have been an interesting journey. There have been so many challenges. I have wondered why the barrage of issues and hiccups, I've wondered what I've done to cause them, are my prayers effective? What is God trying to show me? All the thoughts. The one thing that has stuck is "I am", the one and only, wants to be recognized, consulted, and depended on. He desires above all else to be worshiped, involved with our daily plans, and relied on when everything else is uncertain. He is the one thing that stands secure, steady, and able to handle all the other things. Learning this can make you feel out of control and broken. Why? because His grace in your life is sufficient for everything you will encounter. It is simply that we, humans want to 'make it happen', what I believe God is attempting to help us understand is nothing is going to happen without ME. So have patience and receive the grace that He gifts to you every morning. Keep it in your pocket, because something will happen where you will need it. The discomfort of moments like this often, like giving birth, bring forth something new and beautiful. The next chapter can't arrive until you let go of the last. Letting go, forgiving, healing, sacrifice, surrendering, breaking, and pouring out are all things that have no appeal to the average person. Even something as beautiful as giving birth. This is because there are some ugly, painful, and unsightly phases of birth. The ironic thing is afterwards, many mothers will tell you they have forgotten the details of the experience. This is because what's on the other side is so much greater than what they experience before and during. I believe in this season of PAUSE, God is causing us to reflect and get to doing the reconstructive work necessary to have a greater and more lasting impact, on the other side. Remodeling is a lot of work, I know because I'm currently in that season. My house no longer served me in the way it was originally designed, so we decided to break down some walls, change doors, modify colors, and refresh our landscaping....all things that add beauty and functionality. But the truth is it's painful to see your home in disarray while it's happening. It's hard to prepare dinner in a kitchen under construction. I suggest, if you're in a season where you can take advantage of this PAUSE to do the needed self-work. DO IT! God has already softened your heart, broken your will, now respond by choosing to do the work to draw near to Him in prayer. Show God that He is recognized, consulted, and depended on.


Founder of CampaignP31. When I'm not hanging with my husband and kids, I can most likely be found, reading, writing, or on the phone with family.

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