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Your gift has made room for you, but has it made you any money?

This is a question that I ponder on a lot. When you're first starting out you wonder if you should be getting paid for the value you bring or the experience you have. I say a combination of both. Now that you're on the cusp of being an industrious woman, one who knows how to use their gift as a solution to someone else's problem, you must also show people the value of your gift, and attach a dollar amount to it that's comparable for someone with your level of experience. This is only fair to both parties involved.

Another way to look at this... is if you can afford to, take the time and pay your dues- earning experience and gaining a healthy reputation. Everyone loves GOOD, FREE, STUFF!!! So why not make some friends by giving some of your product/ tips away for free. If you really value what people think about it, this is a good place to start.

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