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Wash Your Dirty Laundry- Just Got Real

As many of you know, for the last few months I have been sharing snippets of information around the concept of washing your dirty laundry. I have described this series as very transparent, authentic, and riveting in the way that I am sharing current situations and immediate lessons learned. About 4 weeks ago our washing machine, over 20 years old, finally died. We tried to revive it and nothing seemed to get it to work. So we did what any rational person would. We put it out. Out of the space that is used for machines that work. It wasn't to be 'mean' to the old machine that we loved so dearly, but it was to get ready for the new machine that would allow us to leave our lives with ease and convenience. As I packed my clothes up once again to wash them at the nearest laundromat, I realized that sometimes in order for God to get the things you need to you, you have to remove or release the stuff that's taking up space. In the moment I felt inconvenienced, annoyed, tired, and slightly embarrassed by having to deal with this extra, but necessary, chore. But through the experience and the irritation, I realize He is building character to deal with things that don't always go as planned. Growth in God is NEVER comfortable, He always puts pressure, stress, pain, inconvenience in your path to see how you will respond, and to get you closer to Him. He wants you to scream out "I give up" so that He can step in and rescue you and your situation. He is the only one who can clean it up the way it needs to be cleaned...anyone and everything else will leave behind residue and a stain. ​Be encourage and trust God with the Laundry of your life.

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