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"Trust Me", he says.

Have you ever been in a large group of people and been forced to participate in "trust" activities? Well I have, and it's not fun, primarily because you are learning the personalities and character of the people you are supposed to be trusting. You have no prior relationship and no frame of reference on which to justify the gift of trust.

Often times we, believers find ourselves in a very similar predicament with God. He gives us an assignment and tells us to trust him as he guides us through it. This is often overwhelmingly nerve-wrecking as this time it is not confined to a ropes coarse or a activity with selected individuals, its in real life, within the real world full of dangers, and creepy characters. For all intensive purposes it does not seem like the right place or time to apply trust; but better suited for survival.

If I could be completely honest, there have been several times on this career transition journey that I've wanted to quit and just go back to the "9-5" of teaching, because the future seems cloudy and money so uncertain. But every time, I talk myself completing a job application, I hear Holy Spirit saying, "that's not for you, you're settling because you're afraid". And then I think to myself, "God this isn't fair, everyone is having a good time, living their best lives, traveling, riding around in nice cars, and here I am struggling. Matter fact I'm driving the struggle bus. It's been eight months and the "breakthrough" hasn't broken through... God don't you know I live in Los Angeles, everything is expensive. You literally told me to release my job in the midst of a recession- JESUS please!". The funny thing is, is that God never responds to bickering, whining, or complaints; He only responds to faith. So after I've vented for a while, He says, "Daughter, I know the plans I have for you...there is more to this journey, things you can't see or even imagine. Trust me, you don't want to abort the mission now. Wait for the reward of your struggle."

Hmm, so what am I supposed to say to that?! Nothing, just do what you always tell your kids to do. "Wait until it's ready, trust me- you won't starve!" In case that wasn't bad enough, he gives a new instruction, "What do you have in your house?" and initially I thought of selling some old stuff I owned, but then I realized that He was referencing skills and talents to help me acquire money. Here, in this place, is where I want you to sit and think. Review and rehearse all the things that have been shared with you during times of prayer. Things that you've written in your journals, prayers that you've forgotten you prayed. Tap into the thing that was already gifted to you- and trust him with it. This is your thought you had nothing, remembered what he already gave you. Now, take that and use it.

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