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Time Well Spent

Good Morning Women of Virtue,

I know it's been a while since I've posted. I spent some time away- investing in family- being a sister and a daughter. Both are roles I don't practice everyday as my immediate family lives in another state. They rarely get the direct attention and care that my husband and children experience daily. So for two weeks I poured out of myself and from the things God lead me to share. My conclusion is that is was time well spent. We are facing some significant challenges that will be a testament to how we as believers walk by faith. I reminded many of my old friends that I bumped into while in town, we have been training for this all our lives, and either we are going to walk by faith- or we're just playing games. I know within myself--- that I was trained to win!!! In every situation, God is perfecting things about me and the life that I live- to be the very best at what he's called me to do.

It is so important that you answer the calling on your life and get about the business of doing the same.

"All we do is win!!!"

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