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The Purpose of Your Platform

I've often times wondered in the midst of my journey, why God would allow the challenges of life; transition, loss, financial hardship, infidelity, or anything remotely humiliating, embarrassing, or messy for those in ministry leadership to be displayed. We've heard and seen so many stories that encompass these mind boggling experiences, and yet we continue on never answering the question- Why? or How could this happen?

Well that sounds a little selfish and maybe even a bit unfair. Why would a loving God put my life's drama on display? The truth is God will use any circumstance, situation, and include anyone to bring about transformation in a person's life. God looks at the "Bigger Picture" and works it out for the "Greatest Good". Interestingly enough, "your good" is always at the forefront of God's mind. It's not that it's not about you, but it's not really about you. What I've recently realized is that God is purposeful in having these moments of your life on display for three central reasons:

  1. So God can get the GLORY!-I find that oftentimes He sets us up in situations as the underdog, where it would be easy to predict a loss. It is in these times that we must exercise patience and trust the timing of God in our lives. It's easy to become frustrated and feel like we're entitled to understanding the reasons behind ,"why" God does what He does. The truth is we serve a God who is strategic and intentional. (Think chess, not checkers)

  2. His strength is made perfect in your weakness- To give from a place of lack or not enough; not from the places where you've been classically trained, experienced and well-versed. He wants the areas of growth. The places that seem like you have nothing of value to offer. That's it, that's what GOD wants to use. That thing that you've hidden away from anyone to see. That dirty, old, messy, smelly, shameful unsightly. That's what HE wants to use to draw others to HIM. [God has given us this task of reconciling people to him. So we are Christ's ambassadors; God is making his appeal through us. We speak for Christ when we plead "Come back to God!"]

  3. "The greater the mess, the greater the message, ministry, anointing, and authority"- He put you in front of others and has elevated you to a platform to be seen. Not just to view the disfunction or chaos, that all of our lives have, but because He can trust you with your response. He can trust that you will be humble, coachable, and obedient to his voice along the way. Similar to Job, his life was a billboard and a testament to how/ why you can/ should trust God, even when it hurts.

So the next time you're feeling the heat and are tempted to be embarrassed and shy away from the challenges you are facing. Smile and remember you're on the platform for a purpose.

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