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Section 2: Real Money Answers for Every Woman in Review

"Earn More Money" starts off with this quote which resonates so loudly in my ear "You were born as the solution to someone else's problem. Your true job is to find the prosperity that rest in first finding your purpose". Patrice stands as a beacon of knowledge in personal finance, as she very carefully combines her education, entreprenuerial experience, and faith, to carve out a trail of success. Throughout this section she maps out strategy for navigating the work place, negotiating higher salary, making our skill set align with a dream job, and avoiding the pitfalls of allowing our personal lives affect our professions.

As if that were not enough to digest, she continues to push us beyond where we are, in "Get your hustle on!" She challenges us to use our job as the way to fulfilling our entrepreneurial dreams; rather than seeing it as an obstacle. My favorite affirmation within this section is, "I have everything I need to get where I'm going." This, my friend, I wish was easier said than done. However the truth is, organizing yourself, managing your time, focusing in on your passions, and monetizing the things that come to you easily, is no small feat. But like I mentioned earlier, you already have everything you need. Washington demonstrates how we can leverage relationships, our expertise, consistency, and marketing to help us attract more clients and draw attention to the work that we are most passionate about. This, before long, shows others our level of commitment, which can be translated into money.

​ My favorite part of section 2 is, "You are your best investment". She could have just dropped the mic there and walked away. I always believed that if you don't invest in yourself, why would, or should, anyone else? As someone on the path to success, I understand that I must be or become a student of the game. Continual learning is a basic investment in self. Whether a free coarse, ebook, seminar, or conversation with someone in your field, you can start today. Patrice says just that, start where you are, dedicate time, and create a routine around learning. So many A-HA moments...

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