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Practice While You Watch & Wait

All this week, I've felt super strongly about the assignment to prepare and practice while I watch and wait for the manifestation of the promises of God in my life. I say practice, because there is a presence of gratitude, a posture of praise, and a position of expectation that aligns the heart and spirit with what God is doing on your behalf. Although I am not yet able to see what the father has provided for me, it is clear that He never ceases to work, so I must never cease to position myself in like manner.

A presence of gratitude. Recently, I have had to really focus in on gratitude as a remedy for frustration and unforgiveness toward myself for time wasted. It's helped to change my perspective on waiting, turning it from a long, drawn out, arduous task, to a manageable, temporary, holding spot. The more reflective I am on the seasons like that, the more thankful I am and the more I encountered God's blessing and provision in areas that I could never imagine.

A posture of praise. Keeps my eyes and attention focused on the God who is worthy of everything, despite whatever is going on around me. It's just like the psalmist said, "I will look to the hills from whence cometh my help, for my help comes from the Lord". This keeps me in his presences, attentive to his voice, responsive to his movements, and ever comforted and protected by his embrace.

A position of expectation. When I find myself in the presence of God, I can not help but become full of joy, like the Bible says; in His presence is fullness of joy and pleasures at his right hand forever more. So I expect to be happy. I also expect to have peace, as I walk through these seasons of uncertainty. "He makes me lie down in green pastures: he leads me beside the still waters." The path with him is lush and vibrant, but it is peaceful, even when I'm in the valley. There He teaches me patience, dependence on him, and how to appreciate the shade of the mountains as points to rest. He teaches me how to look for beauty and lessons in all the things I pass along the way. As I press toward the promises of God that are set before me, I fix my heart on doing what pleases him first. I challenge myself to show up in the hard spaces, and take the necessary steps when lead by the Holy Spirit. There is an expectation, it is the urgency I feel in my spirit to lean toward the future.

This is all a part of the preparation and practice while you wait.

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