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SO... Since the week after my birthday (which was the most wonderful experience I've had in a long time) I have been in earnest prayer about the beautiful chemistry demonstrated amongst the ladies in attendance. It was something indescribable, rare, and beautiful. Needless to say, but whenever you spend more time talking to God, He will eventually turn around and talk back to you. I was really shocked because I wasn't prepared nor expecting there to be any interaction on this matter. But what I found was that God had something to say.

"Everything you need is in the room" --Ummmm HUH??? (looking over my shoulder) Ummm (church finger raised) excuse me Sir? Gather the Ladies together to plan your first conference. ("shut the front door") _________________________________SILENCE_____________________________________

In a complete moment I felt dumbfounded, unprepared, overwhelmed, confused, full of questions, and unsure of where to start. My immediate thought was--I don't want to be embarrassed. Then my second thought was like, Umm God just told you to do something, so what's the game plan??? Because who in their RIGHT mind tells God, no??? More than anything I don't want that.

I believe Priscilla Shirer said, "God does not speak to be heard. He speaks to be obeyed." For that reason, I have become very careful to listen, follow, and apply what I've heard. Obedience doesn't always agree with what you want to do or align with popular demand, but it does speak to the heart of a disciplined or discipled individual who realizes that they, ultimately, are not really responsible for themselves. These obedient individuals that there is a higher, more well planned, destiny that is attached to applying the instructions that were given.

I can only imagine what Noah must have felt like when God asked him to build a boat for rain he had never experienced before. Not just a normal rain, but rain that would cover the earth and flood it in its entirety. Not only did he give him an assignment, but he also gave him the specs for how it was to be designed. God took the time to provide the details of how he wanted it to happen. These moments are clear indicators and confirmations that God is with you. But what about the times when their path is not as laid out? What then should you do? My friend, I urge you to be obedient. Do it anyway until you see it.

Stay on the path.

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