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May: Homemaking pt 2- Cleaning???!!!

As a young woman in my first apartment, then a mom, then a wife; I have to admit there were times when I did not know how to manage my home. Working a full-time job, and maintaining a neat and tidy home seemed impossible. Well, I think I finally figured some of it out.

My Top 5 Homemaking Tips

  1. Always leave the Living Room, Dining Room, and Bathroom presentable at all times- you never know who might pay you a surprise visit.

  2. Assign specific days to weekly chores- this way you can focus on completing what’s important for that time of week.

  3. Never go to sleep with a dirty kitchen- In the morning everyone needs a CLEAN start.

  4. Plan Weekly Menu before the weekend. Prep the week’s meals on the weekend.

  5. Tidy as you go! When you cook, 5 mins before you leave, and 5 mins when you come in.

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