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May: Homemaking- Find a way or Make one

Not too long ago we entered the world of Digital Animation I remember the first movie I watched was "Toy Story", with my then, kid- brother who was only about 2 years old. There is this one line that asked the other characters if they had a moving buddy? All the toys looked around at each other aimlessly and side-- the Woody the main character said " IF you don't have one, then GET one!" In the same way when it comes to efficiently running your household- there is absolutely no excuse for not doing it well. I believe that you either have to FIND a way or MAKE one!

This month let's consider some of the fundamentals of every home.

  • Food- Menu Planning/ Grocery Lists

  • Cleaning- Weekly vs Monthly Chores

  • Organization- A place for everything

  • Time Management- Scheduling to a "T"

  • Decor/ Hospitality- Ideas for any budget

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