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Learning a new language requires SILENCE

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

I've been on a journey. A quiet journey. Learning a new. "Language" requires two things; listening then speaking. This language is needed for your new journey- it is not your average journey- it's the kind that started out with a plan and the route got detoured onto streets and back allies I didn't even know existed. Whenever my GPS goes away from the standard route, I immediate go from a confident, relaxed state, to a heightened awareness, learning state. When you're in a learning phase, it's best to just listen. No need of arguing with Siri because she's not trying to hear you, she's attempting to get you where you're going.

Often times I find that God is the same way. You think that you have the map and agenda set for your life, "I'll be finished with school by 22, married by 25, and have a house and 2.5 kids and a dog by 30". Then God shocks you with the reality that you are not really in control of what you think you can control. In fact, he quickly lets you know HE is the master conductor. He ultimately has assignments he needs you to do, people he wants for you to meet, and places he wants you to go. When you pray, or attempt to make a U turn to get back to your plan, the silence or unanswered prayers, are just as annoying as hearing "re-routing". He's not going that way, and neither are you.

So now what?! Where are we going? "Quiet'll know when you get there". That is not the answer I wanted to hear. As I sink into the backseat of my mind. I realize that's all the information I'm going to get, and sometimes- that is enough. Keep moving forward executing the last instruction, in preparation for the next instruction. When you approach the intersection, God will, with a loud voice, let you know which way to turn and approximately how long you can expect to be on that road. So enjoy this part of the journey.

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