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LAST Section 3: Manage Money Wisely/Section 4: Relationships and Money

One of the things I absolutely love about Real Money Answers for Every Woman, by Patrice C. Washington is her ability to jump out the pages of the book and sit like a girlfriend on your sofa. She speaks so candidly about the need to show respect for money. "Checking your mailbox less than once a month and leaving receipts balled up at the bottom of your purse aren't signs of respect." So in true teacher fashion, she provides a clear solution to the problem: Organization. Washington provides checklists, list of materials needed, the specific names of each file that should be included in your household filing system, and a description of how long you should maintain certain files.

My A-HA moment arrived when she suggested that you should create a financial team--- at first I thought "But I don't have money like that", but then I thought- "If I ever what that type of money, I need to seek out individuals who can help me take what I have and grow it to what I want it to be." It was at that moment that I realized that I was renewing my mind with respect for money. In the preparation for housing and managing more, more is loosed in the atmosphere to head in my direction. It was a tear-jerking moment. Maybe I haven't had a lot because I really wasn't ready to deal with it....and now God was showing me a new way to do things in preparation for what he has in store for me. OVERWHELMED by his love for little ol' me! Giving me what I need before I think I need it, but really he is right on time!

There is so much more that could be discussed-- but my friends we are out of time- June is over...I apologize for not flushing it all out for you....but you MUST GET THIS BOOK!!!! HYPER-CRITICAL FOR RELATIONSHIPS, COMMUNICATION, AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

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