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Knowing versus Doing

What's wrong with that?! Being knowledgable and having information would appear to be a good thing. When you put these terms in the analogy of playing a game, it seems a bit more odd. Knowing how to play by the rules but not playing the game...hmmm? Instead, standing on the sidelines afraid of doing the thing you know to do, to win the game, all the possible obstacles and voices convince you to stand by. To watch and wait. To gather more intel before using the last.

Proverbs 13:12 says something really interesting, "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life." There is a pain that we endure whenever we chose to stand on the sidelines, refusing to do the things we "know to do". The life that one feels from a new idea or new opportunity is what keeps you interested in the next day. This is why I believe the Bible says you can't put new wine in old wine skins. Or new ideas in an old structure. The two can not mix, because the acidity of the new wine is too potent for the confinement of the old wine skins. "You have to break the old in order to make all things new" as discovered recently by a popular new pastor.

He explains how Jesus does a completely new thing, as Peter is on the shore mending the holes in his net, attempting to catch fish that seemed to be absent. Jesus tells him to try again, by pushing out into the deep and casting his net, at a time of day that was illogical to a seasoned fisherman. However he did it, and then when he lower his net, the load of fish that was caught broke the very thing we worked so hard to mend. That old thing couldn't work for the newer thing that Jesus was trying to do in Peter's life. Wasn't strong enough, not designed for the task, or flexible enough to move in the ways needed for Peter's next chapter.

What if God is calling us to use the thing that didn't work or brought embarrassment, in order to break you of old habits, in preparation for the new? Are you willing to surrender it for His use and His glory over yours?

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