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Just LET GO already!!!

Release it to increase it. We do it with relationships that we want to know that old saying, "if you let them go and they come back, that's how you know"...but we have a hard time applying this same principle in other areas of our lives. We all understand that "you have to give something to get something", but there is a disconnect when it comes to our spiritual development and maturation. It is the law of sowing and reaping.

The Bible is clear, God gives seed to the sower, not to keep but to release. I heard something really interesting this week about the parable of the men with the talents (money- but its also equally cool to use the word talents literally) found in Matthew 25, that when the talents were distributed 5 to one man, 2 to another, and 1 to the last. He gave them the talents and had an expectation of the talents growing into something more. Interest on the talent. Not just to maintain, but to grow. In order to grow, you have to first sow it, which is the process of letting it go.

In the Natural: -You want a baby? You must release an egg and a sperm - You want an education? You must release focus and commit your time - You want increase in your finances? You must release self-discipline and careful planning In the Spiritual: - You want to see the manifestation of God's promises in your life? You must release prayer & fasting, faith, disciplined action. We want it the opposite way it's actually designed to work. We don't want to invest the time to have a disciplined life of prayer and occasional fasting. We just want to see God work and move, but we don't invest in the relationship. We want to see growth in our businesses, but we have taken the time to invest in training, nurture relationships, or take the first appropriate steps to prove to ourselves that we even believe in what God has given us vision for. We want to see growth in our finances, but are currently mismanaging what we receive and are practicing poor stewardship over the assets we have. What will it take for us to understand that God will NEVER contradict His word. That thing you have in your hand, someone said, "If it's not enough, then it's a SEED"--SO SOW IT!

  1. Release it, Give it, Let it Go! Your time, attention, advice, money, mentorship, spiritual covering, or knowledge.

  2. Plant it in good soil; an organization, person, church, or something that you BELIEVE IN.

  3. Water it with prayer and fasting, and help support it with disciplined, definitive actions.

  4. Expect to see (not always benefit from) a harvest.

Then, when the Master returns and asks what you've done with what He gave you- you can give a clear and concise answer that you can be proud of by sharing, not just your ability to steward the gift but that you were able to GROW IT--and you can hear WELL DONE.

Julieian-Alexis Roberts

Julieian- Alexis is a speaker and writer who is passionate about teaching women who to live life chosen and set apart. She loves all things modern with user-friendly comforts. You will most likely catch her learning something new on YouTube, cuddled up with her husband, kids, and dog on the couch watching a movie with some popcorn in hand.

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