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June: Finance Kick Off

I can't believe I am starting my 7th month of my personal quest to grow as woman into a deeper more intimate relationship with God within every avenue of my life. This month I focus on finance--- I'm excited but a little nervous about what I might dig up about myself, my habits, and the state of my household. So I'm reaching out for help on this one. The first place I'll start during week 1 is Personal Finance Education. Just so happens I have a good friend who's quite good at giving advice in this area. ( I'll let you know what I'm reading and where you can get a copy of your own.) So I'm making it my business to finish her book by next Wednesday--- I suggest you find a personal finance expert and educate yourself on what you can and should be doing to improve in this area. During week's 2, 3, and 4 we will tackle, Rebuilding/ protecting your credit, Budget with commitment, and Plan for the future/ Savings. Stay tuned this month should be an interesting one.

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