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It's time to PUSH!

A couple weeks back I explained what this season of ministry has been like. To grow and wait, to be stretched and trust. Today is the day when all the vision, the word, and the plans come together. It's Labor Day...well not really but labor in the sense I get the privilege of working the vision God's given me, for myself. Of course this is new and uncharted territory. But in a sense I feel- I've been here before, and younger different version of me. One that heard his voice before and quickly moved into action. This time is different. I know you've heard that before- but there is something about the experience of the past that prepares you for your now.

As I look back over the times I've worked for me- Divine Events, 2 Chic Sisters, CampaignP31 and now Noble Character Ministries, LLC---I couldn't fully appreciate the latter phases without the former. One thing I know for sure is that God's hand of faithful love and goodness will follow me all of my days. So I can never outrun his grace and his provision. For that I am overwhelmed and grateful. I thought it only appropriate to get up early this morning to say thank you for entrusting this tremendous responsibility to me. For knowing that I will shepherd women as I have been shepherded by God the father.

As we get ready for Beauty in Forgiveness Summer Session...I look over my shoulder and praise God for all the numerous testimonies of success and freedom that these women have experience all because I said yes, committed to a plan of action, and daily continue to seek the Lord's direction for my life and theirs's. It's given me courage to do things I never thought I would, and confidence to it in the right spirit, suppressing ego and ulterior motives. Today I am happy to do what I've been called's my honor to PUSH.

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