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So I started out thinking to myself, " how can I make event planning as a passion, work for me?". The truth is I didn't know the answer to this question. Here it is, I've quit my job to do something I know I love, but am unsure of how to make it work. And of course I can't tell my husband that, for fear that he may loose faith in me. If I were to be completely honest; entrepreneurship is scary and way more uncertain that I thought from the outside looking in.

Not too long ago I took on a position that I personally viewed as a "small business solution" and a lengthy project, which solidified 6 months of work. Keeping sharp, busy, and paid is aways a blessing. But now 3 months in, I am now seeing something I never noticed before. Isn't it just like God to show you something about yourself that you could not see; I mean the person you wake up to look face to face in the mirror, the person who's thoughts you actually know, and you're somehow surprised by a new thing that's revealed to you about you. Hmmm! Well this was me, I just realized that all my 14 years of teaching experience was a training ground for this. The planning, logistics, attention to details, follow up and follow through, verbal and written communication. My understanding of branding, marketing, and the ability and willingness to take calculated risks for a highly beneficial end. Breeding and born in faith, exercised and disciplined in commitment, and finally washed in love. I had no clue that God was creating in me a passion to build children's ministry's as an viable extension and legacy to the kingdom.

As if all of that were not enough, earlier this week I was visited by the host of a local children's ministry leader who has created a annual conference to train, share, and sharpen teachers and volunteers who work within children's ministries all across the Los Angeles County area. She peeked her head into the classroom where I was subbing for a teacher, and said "Oh my God, this is phenomenal, you have to speak at next year's conference." And just like that I was invited to speak amongst a panel of some incredible people in the industry of children's ministry. What's funny is that just two months ago I was sitting in the audience admiring the testimonies and speeches of those on this very same panel. One in particular I felt was really dynamic. I listened to her story that described her journey to children's ministry and immediately thought "that's so great, wish my story was like that". Quite honestly I didn't think I had a story at all.

Later in the week, the host and I got a chance to talk and I shared my story from start to finish, a year's worth of stuff, so she and I could clearly understand how God had orchestrated my steps all along. What a a-ha moment! In that moment I realized that all the drama, heartache, successes, moves of faith put together, created my story. So simple, but I missed it. It really goes to show how powerful staying in your passion, working your natural strength,s lends to your God given purpose and aids others in finding solutions to their problems.

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