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I'm Clear because He's Clear about Me

Life is weird in how it goes through all types of seasons. Sometimes there are sunny days other times they feel dreary and stormy. One thing that I've learned over the last year is to be clear, and remain clear, on all the things that God has clearly said to me, about me. Some of you may know that 11 months ago I walked away from a six year career in full-time Children's Ministry at a reputable church in South LA. What's interesting is that I left at, what some would say was, the top of my game. Even after serving throughout the pandemic, we quickly returned to weekly record high attendance and monthly activities. The only reason why I left is because God said to me clear as day, "Release it".

But you know what we do, we hear a word and we think that its for the future, or a book title for a future project. We never think that God is saying do it now. I quickly figured out that I didn't have much time to prepare for the transition which would mean that I would have to share this news with other important people outside of me. THIS was the first test of clarity.

As soon as you share, people ask if you're sure, or if you want to take some time to think about it, and pray about it.It is at this moment you have to draw a line in the sand and say exactly what God told you to do, or if you can't share, give a definitive statement about what

you can share. What helped me form this statement was a question that the Lord posed to me: "Are you more concerned about what others will think over what I said?" Immediately I was clear that I had to scheduled meetings and say "I have to go" (see the youtube video here to get a visual for my sense of urgency) and six months to that moment I was gone.

Similar to the stories of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Elijah when God tells these men to go to a place that many times was unknown to them, with no real reason, to those around them- they would appear crazy, irrational, or illogical. The second test of clarity, one must answer is where are you going and what are you doing? Sometimes the "what" is easier to answer than the "how". I knew that I would be working on CampaignP31 as a full-time women's ministry platform...the "how" I would make a living wasn't as well figured out. But what I was clear on was "I don't have to know it all or even understand it, because I KNOW the one who knows all the answers."

So for a while I experienced, what I call a valley season, where I compare my journey to that of the Prophet Elijah where he declares a thing in public, so everyone can hear, and then all of a sudden he goes, rather is sent, into hiding by God. In 1 Kings 17 Elijah is sent to the broke called Cherith, to stay for a while. There he would find himself having to depend on a trickle of water from the wadi during an uncommon drought, and receive meat and bread provided twice a day by a raven. Well something similar happened to me. I found myself having to depend completely on God to see me and my family through by way of daily provision and instruction. When faced with the third test of clarity, 'what will you do if he doesn't come through?' Although sometimes the outcome seemed impossible and uncertain, I was clear that Go watches over his word to perform it, and if I obeyed his instructions I'm already more successful than if I didn't.

Finally, if you find yourself grasping for clarity around the things that GOD has spoken over your life, ask yourself this question...Has he been faithful to provide you with air to breathe everyday? Has the sun shone in the morning, and the moon at night? Aren't you more important than these things? Rest assured my friend, if He took the time to make you in His imagine and after His likeness, said that you were fearfully and wonderfully made, sent his only son to die for you to bring you back into fellowship with Himself....clearly He can deliver on everything else.

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