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How I got over!

It's been a few weeks and lots has happened. Years ago there was this song that said...How I got over, how I got over, my soul looks back and wonders, how I got over. That's exactly where I am. I can't believe in the last three week I was pushed to the limits of my faith, with the lost of my mother, the planning of her promotion service, and managing my business, career, and family. Im not depressed or even sad, but weirdly enough excited about the sun shine that must be headed my way because of all the drama and challenges I've faced.

I thought this morning- my mother's passing should have be "the darkest night of the soul" but God's hand held me steady. I miss her yes. But I don't cry like those with no hope, because I know for certain that she is in a much better place and condition than she was here. No amount of money, fame, or hope for the future can compare to the love and care she is receiving from God the father. So I really do rejoice in the promise of being reunited with her one day in spirit.

Business wise, being an entrepreneur is not easy. But when you're passionate about what you do, it can really lighten the load. I love my job and how it aligns with my love of event planning, and background as a teacher. What makes it even more perfect is that it is ministry based. I have the opportunity everyday to speak a word of encouragement to different people from all walks of life. It never gets old, always refreshing to see people learn and grow.

As bad as it has been-I'm already beginning to sing that song quietly to myself, "How I got over, How I got over...'

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