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How does THIS work for ME?

This week I've been trying to process how why, and who this scripture applies to unpacking the world of God isn't always easy because it tends to expose us. The who we are, and who were not. How we think, our perspective, and out motives.

Between last week and this week I've found out that two good people near to my heart are battling cancer. Both big hearts, women, mothers, hard workers, and Christian. How does this challenge, "work together... for their good?" Having closely walked alongside someone who was challenged in this way, I can't help but wonder why? Why this? And why them?

The truth is that Life is not without challenge. Job said it best, "Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble."So if we are assigned troubles, who gets what? Like a child in my mind, I'm thinking if I get to choose the "trouble" which would be the lesser evil? Losing a child or spouse? Experiencing homelessness or starvation? Losing all your worldly possessions and financial stability? Suffering mental illness? Being disabled or handicapped? Enslaved or persecuted for exercising your beliefs? Which trouble would you choose?

Based on what Paul said "all things" despite how we may feel about the ways were are impacted by them, work together, in compliment to one another, " for good specifically, and especially "to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose." I love that He calls us "according to His purpose I can just picture a classroom of people and God sitting behind the desk calling names and handing out purposes. In that moment it's not at all about us it's about Him.

He as our heavenly, good, all-knowing father choose us to play the roles in life that are best suited for who we are and the character and abilities we possess. Like as I choose the next lead for a broadway musical, I'm going to seek out someone of the likes of Jennifer Hudson, not Cardi B. Booth are in the industry but serve different audiences, and have completely different deliveries.

I believe that God is so strategic He uses circumstances in life, with people He can trust, to hold and maintain the blood-stained banner of Christ. Those who will confess His word so onlookers can be inspired, healed, and come into relationship with Him. All based on the passion and commitment the witness from those who trust Him. He always goes for the maximum win. He never just wants you, but your, family, your block, and your community.

Behind the scenes and right in front our faces, He's working it out blessings and favor lined paths of obstacle and trial. We have no reason to fear, because He's promised to be with me "His rod and staff comforts" us. It's nothing like knowing someone is there to defend you whenever some one or something gets out of pocket. That rod and that staff will bring it all back in order.

To my sisters; be encouraged and know that you are on a special assignment for the King of Kings. He loves you and thinks so highly of you because you can be trusted. God is faithful and I believe He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Know that I am praying with you and for you. Stay grounded in the word of God; it is your armor, so put it on, and don't take it off. Let's Go!

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