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Have you ever felt a inner push that you want to ignore???

Recently I took my kids to the movies to see Frozen II and heard this song and was 'frozen' by the lyrics, so I thought I'd share the excitement and dissonance of this scene's score. I feel it accurately describes my faith journey for 2020. I've taken time to study and hear from GOD in 2019- in my year of library, now I see clear signs and indications that his signature on my future is the comfort and confirmation needed to walk boldly into the unknown.

I have fought this voice inside my head and His spirit that leads me to do the thing that isn't logical or easily explainable. This is exactly where you must trust GOD. The fight is not just solely admitting that I hear the voice, but at times, it is also the desire to ignore the details of what the voice is saying. To suppress the timing, the greatness, the sense of urgency needed to obey--is the biggest struggle.

But today I choose obedience over my feelings.. so stay prayerful and stay tuned--because God is birthing something new in Summer of 2020. Here we go-into the unknown.

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