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So I have been thinking...and anytime that happens I have to set the stage with lots of prayer and reading. There are things in everyone's life that requires an appropriate response. Sometimes with the fast pace of our society we don't always live into that. I have noticed in my own actions lately, I've gotten a little off balance by just allowing the most well intended actions, to be a wedge in the flow of my ambitions. Throughout the week I've been making special efforts to apply a layer of GRACE, GRACEFULNESS, AND GRACIOUSNESS to my actions, conversations, and interactions with others. When I catch myself moving too fast, or even if I don't, but the response or result of my actions alerts me in some way, I take a moment to evaluate the situation ,and quickly repair any collateral damage.

However, there is a difference in spiritual GRACE. It is defined as "free and unmerited favor", this means it wasn't earned or worked for. It was given not because you deserved it. In fact, it was given to you because you did not deserve it. Is this the same GRACE that GOD extended to us?! When we on our best day, do and say things that we shouldn't. When we are unforgiving or keeping track of others wrongs against us...are we applying that same grace? These are all things to process and think about as we go about our day to day routines.

I have learned to communicate my need or exhaustion of "Grace" know that point when something has bothered you so that you are kinda in funky mood. My descriptive phrase of choice, in this case, is "my grace has lifted for today". In short, this means I have applied and given all I've got. Everyday you're given a "new grace and a new mercy", and when this is has been used...someone said, that it's just best that you go to sleep and start over afresh the next day. But what if this happens at 9 am? What then???? I can't just tell my boss, "My grace has lifted and I'm out for the rest of the day!"

Seems to me, that there has to be a more concrete plan to work through in situations suck as these... Stay tuned!

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