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Forgiveness Gives God room to Move

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Today is a very special day-- on this day six years ago I began CampaignP31, the blog. Back then I had no idea that God would move and do all the things that he's done. The ways that he parts modern 'Red Seas', and carries you across on dry land from the places of bondage, to the space of freedom. The thought that God would call me out of a classroom, my comfort zone, to learn more of him by te

aching another set of children the Bible and the character of His ways, is beyond amazing.

I will never forget the day I felt him calling me to ministry as a life- assignment, no longer just a job. I remember being overwhelmed and could not stop crying at the thought that He wanted to use me. I didn't know anything, and felt ill-equipped but I knew I only wanted to be wherever he was or wanted to send me. The highs and lows of sharing transparently, teaching the lessons I've learned, crying alongside others

, and celebrating strengths and victories has been what life should be full of.

This season is different though, I've planted seed, watched it, watered it, waited and now it's harvest time. I've been faithful over the little things. Now this is the season where he is asking me to launch in to the depths of his plan for me. The funny thing about the deep, is visibility is obscure. The deeper you go the darker it gets, and the less you can see in the distant. I believe God does this intentionally so you have to stay close to him and depend on his leading to get through it.

The process of forgiveness can be really dark. Harboring the details in your memory, the emotional scars, not to mention the psychological triggers that can send you back to square one. Before you know it you are reliving all the symptoms and confusion like the very first time. But in the midst of this anguish there is a solution. The light from above shines, giving you indication of a new direction. If you swim toward the light you can see better, expect more, and chase after all that God has waiting for you. Remember his strength is made perfect in your weakness. Give God room by forgiving---you're worth it.

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