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Family: the gift, the work, the legacy

Today I was thinking about family and what it means; its importance and place within the footprint of a human. I thought about how you don't get to choose who your family will be, what you get is a gift. For some it's a great experience, for others they have a rough start. Some have a little bit of both. But the idea that who you are and who you belong to is not a choice, but is an experience that everyone can relate to. So it's with this common thread, that we work toward whatever our "ideal" family experience or expectations are, in order to reach some level of satisfaction.

The work that required to make the family unit operate in it's optimum design- necessitates discipline, forethought, planning, and unwavering commitment to "guiding them to become men and women of distinction, filled with integrity, girded with responsibility, and firmly rooted in a love for and honor of God." As much as the planning of families is unintentional at times...the direction of the family unit must intentionally be aimed toward this mission. To do anything less would be a disservice and create chaos, at best.

As a teacher I would always say, "IF you fail to plan, than you are planning to fail." There is no way possible I could ever show up to the classroom without having written some form of a lesson plan, for how I would spend my time with the kids, and possibly a plan B - just in case things go wrong. The legacy of a well planned family, is one that impacts and influences its community for positive change. It is the residue of God in their lives, and a testament that a set standard, can be achieved when you pursue it intentionally.

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