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Examples of Inner Beauty on Display

Over the last few months, I have to admit it has been very challenging to write. Not because I'm not passionate about talking to you all. Not because I've run out of content. Not even because I have no desire to blog. My reasons stem only from that my mind has been perplexed with watching my mother fight the fight of her life. In April, I shared a little about time. What I didn't openly expose is that my mother had been diagnosed with cancer. At this point, I've seen and heard so much.

What stands out to me most, is the person and spirit that remains the same despite the physical changes that are so blatantly obvious. I struggle to focus on that and nothing else. Not the doctor's reports. Not the weight loss. Not the voices in my head that predict a premature end. Instead I keep a vision board of images of things that she's done and things I admire about her that I never paid attention to before. These are my images of inner beauty that were always on display...I just never noticed.

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