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Choose Freedom; Forgiveness is its by-product

For the last two or three weeks, the concept of Forgiveness has been clutter my space. I'm keenly aware as a Christian, that I should forgive others and the things that they may have done or said. The practice of forgiving is so much harder than it sounds. Sometimes its includes, not knowing where to start. I've been there. When I'm lost for words and my emotions are skyrocketing, I choose to be silent. But the silence is not without frustration, it's simply that I can't think of anything good to say.

Well because of a series of events, I got the opportunity to hold a conversation with someone I hadn't spoken to since Christmas. The terrain was rough and unfamiliar, I said some things I never thought I'd have to. The boundaries were firm, but necessary. I realize that as God leads us from faith to faith, He designs tests for us along the way to see if we will really trust Him with the intricate details of our earthly experience, better known as life. He wants to know that the principles and lessons we glean from Sunday services and youtube binge of popular minsters, so He creates scenarios that challenge our faith and steady our walk.

I started writing this post in July and through a series of twists and turns, it's now September and I'm just completing it. We have to trust that "He who began a good work in you will complete it". Sometimes we get frustrated with the journey because we feel like we should be at a different point or had expectations beyond where we currently are. Understand God knows exactly where you are, you are not lost, He is in the rescuing business and He's letting you simmer in environments along the way to build in you a likeness to Him. No natural diamonds are made without heat and pressure. Feel it, see it, go through it, but most importantly, come out of it.

Let this word sink in:

"God, I thank you for my sisters, who just like me, have struggled with the stuff life sometimes throws their way. We have, because of sin, doubted your perfect ability to lead and father us in ways that we can't even begin to imagine. Lord, we trust that your word and character are true, so you can be trusted. We humble ourselves in our futile efforts to control our lives, and we surrender every detail of our days to you. Help us to walk behind you as you lead us to straight paths, that sometimes feel crooked, help us to see it as you see it. Lord let your purpose and will be done in and through us, for your glory and your honor. In Jesus name, Amen."

If this stirred something in your spirit, leave a comment below. Have an awesome week!

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