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Ask God: Day 5

In just a few short hours I would find myself in the midst of a conversation with these women who said that the posed question triggered so many thoughts and memories and all but one had something to share. I was amazed at how God had not only placed that thought on my heart, but also confirmed it's value by providing results and confirmation.Smh....If you haven't already tried him, you need to ASK GOD.

​Just as a rule of thumb, I typically don't respond to "upsetting situations" very quickly. I'm a very reflective person by nature, but when my spirit is unsettled, I can't make any promises. I found myself in a few situations that required careful conversations. The clarity I received on what to do, when to do, and how to do it, was unreal. I was so amazed about how God lead the entire conversation, slowed me down, and allowed me to listen and respond to only what was said. The blessing was that I was present and fully engaged. I did not have to bring up my opinions or pre-conceived notions.

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