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Ask God: Day 2

Today I need to ask God about my finances. Just want to say, I love Christmas, as in that God sent his son for us to be set free...but this year I'm not so fund of the stress and pressure around it. I think that HE didn't come for this. Yes I absolutely enjoy shopping, buying gifts for others, and receiving gifts. But I'm not okay with the driving force that keeps everyone feeling like they have to do Christmas a certain way in order to experience the "peace & joy" of the season. I'm leery of the lack of peace some families experience when there is not enough money to pay December's bills and still show someone you care at Christmas.

As a child I can remember this exact dilemma all to clearly. I remember my mom decorating the house for us with whatever she had or could find at the dollar store. We were happy with one strand of lights taped to the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. At the time we thought it was sort of weird and cool at the same time; only because no one else had one like ours. Our Christmas was simple because we didn't have much. Now my Christmas is complicated because I have worked to earn a little more. How can I strike a balance? I decided to ASK GOD.

I'm still waiting on the answer (I'll let you know when I hear something). Until then I'm pausing on my shopping.

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