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Ask God: Day 1

In my parenting- yesterday I really felt stuck as my 8 year old son had ,yet another, challenging day at school. As my husband and I both received and read the text from his teacher. I replied to him " I don't know what to do...I keep waiting on things to get better but its not... I'm running out of options." I'm sure many of you can relate in being at a point where you're ready to throw your hands up. It was am accurate statement, because it was truly how I felt at the time. However, the statement was not true. The truth is, that as a believer, you are never out of options. I had to remind myself that Christ came and died that I might have LIFE, and Abundant LIFE at that! This feels big, because I understand the implications that his decisions have on our household in the evening...but if I think long enough, I realize that GOD knows and sees that too. So I asked GOD.

My normal response would have been to discipline him or find some punishment that I felt was suitable for the crime. Instead, I waited patiently for God to give me direction, not feeling anxious about having to deal with the issue immediately...rather just waiting on his lead. The hours passed and the night carried on with the normal routine. I waited. Finally I felt lead to tell him how disappointed I was with the decision he made and how he is a man of integrity, character, and honesty (in the words of Priscilla Shirer) and that he is to be a blessing to his teachers. I then added that he may be the only example of Jesus' love, that his classmates ever see. Then I asked... "Did what you decided to do today show the LOVE of Jesus?" He answered, "No." Then I suggested that you go to your room and pray to ask GOD for forgiveness and for strength to stand firm when you need to make unpopular decisions in the company of your friends. And he did.

This morning he said, "Mom, I didn't sleep well at all. I tossed and turned all night." My response, "Maybe God was trying to talk to you, to let you know how you handled yesterday was not right- that's what he does to me sometimes. So today I want you to remember above everything, that you are to represent Jesus Christ in every decision, interaction, and action- in the classroom, on the yard, in the office, and wherever you go- YOU ARE AN AMBASSADOR!" His teacher just texted me to say- "Your son is having a WONDERFUL morning".

My Advice- ASK GOD :)

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