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And just like that - It's May!

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

May is the time of the year where I think about my home. The ways that I steward what God has gifted to me. The ways that I share, show hospitality, the ways that I teach my children how to do the same. It is my personal season of homemaking. Cleaning, buying new bedspreads, the summer set of bathroom towels, decorating my backyard, planting a garden, and making all things comfortable and beautiful. It's a time of refreshing.

I can't say that too loud without acknowledging the season we've been in. A time away. To get still, get quiet, and to grow. Grow in patience, grow in love, and grow in self-understanding. For me, time with my family and away from people has been a healthy investment. I found myself creating routines, traditions, memories, laughing more, connecting with the people I love the most. Mid-March to Mid-April is our family birthday month--this year, we spent it together thinking of all the things we could do to make the other feel loved in a special way. We were intentional and focused on making it all the things we wanted it to be.

Sure, we have also had some tumultuous times economically, financially, full of health safety concerns, loss, and grief. So we made a conscious effort to think on the things that were true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable and praiseworthy. I had to tell myself this is the season to get your marriage, children, spirit, and house in order. What better way to start the year?!

I have been able to close the chapter on a 3 year battle with washing my life's "dirty laundry", growing through grief, pushing my personal limits, and establishing new boundaries for myself. Living life well--by God's standards and my definition of what feels good to the soul. Simplifying the things that I've made complicated. And getting back to the basics that have brought me this far. Obedience makes 'the little' soul-satisfying and rich with purpose.

Today I hear His voice clearer than ever. "There has been a change in plans." My yoke is easy, my burden is light. Hear Me, Know Me, Follow Me. I'm giving you a clean start in 2020.

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