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Finding Freedom in Forgiveness

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"Bring the experience of your hurt,
but leave your right to brag about why "they" shouldn't be forgiven at the door.

Hey Sis!
So You're Ready to Forgive?

Great! Because Forgiveness is my expertise...

Not for the normal reasons why a person would become an expert, but through time, experience, and research...I've become more acquainted with the grief, hinderances, and the painful stagnation of unforgiveness.  

Follow me as we jump "all-in" to this six week intensive on finding the "Beauty in Forgiveness"

- Love Yah! 


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Valued at $1897
Winter Session

Installment Plans available
Applications Open: December
Course Duration: 
orientation week: 1st week in January
January 8- Feb 16

In this Six-Week Masterclass
learn the 6 L.A.Y.E.R.S. of forgiveness:

* No refunds and no exchanges final on the sale of courses, classes, and intellectual properties own by Noble Character Ministries, LLC, c/o CampaignP31.


Finding Freedom in Forgiveness allows to space to flow, tethered to your story,

but not bound by it.


Creating boundaries and finding balance brings peace when facing triggers

within your story.


By exchanging specific parts of your story in the presence of God- you obtain joy- this is the source of your strength.


Renewal of the mind and heart gives way to health in the mind and body.

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Carman DeFrank,
Interior Designer

You’ll be uncomfortable, you’ll reflect, you will gain skills of how to handle yourself, when facing the pains that hurt us.  Do it as an investment to yourself.


Danielle Jackson,
Probation Officer

It’s transforming me to think in obedience to the father in heaven. It also is helping to understand what true forgiveness looks like and apply it.


Briana Crowe,
Youth Ministry Leader

Holy Spirit Led, because it connects and speaks to everyone in the class.  H.O.T (Honest, Open, & Transparent) environment that only allows for growth and change to happen. 


Amber Grant,
Financial Advisor


Covered, female power, old and young.  Save your money for Alexis and the silent but deadly requests to join.

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